ProViews by EPLAY

Proven to help pro basketball teams draft value picks.

ProViews by EPLAY's draft modeling - with retrodictions dating to 1998 - significantly outperforms draft position in the majority of cases.


Historical player comparisons allow draft decision-makers to view current draft candidates head-to-head against players from previous draft classes - all gauged relative to our exclusive model.


ProViews by EPLAY has a proven history of advising professional basketball teams on better, more valuable draft decisions though statistically driven analytical modeling.

The current 2019 ProViews Beta platform may be used for:

- 2019 NBA Draft

- 2019 NBA Summer League

- 2019 NBA G-League Draft

- Other potential applications of models relating to the class of declared 2019 NBA Draft candidates (international pro leagues, etc.)

Schedule a free demo today, complete with the full 2018 model and our first ten 2019 selections. From there, we will discuss custom needs and provide you with your customized console within 24-48 hours.


Put our proprietary systems to work for you, and be a step ahead of the competition.


© 2019, Revolution Sports Properties, LLC

ProViews is a product of EPLAY, Inc., a Revolution Sports Properties company.

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